Saluda Presbyterian

Saluda, South Carolina

Saluda Presbyterian is a part of the PC(USA) located in Saluda, South Carolina.  Founded around 1900, Saluda Presbyterian is a church family centered around a faith in Jesus Christ and His Grace.


Blending classic and contemporary elements, worship is where our souls are encouraged by God afresh each week. Through delving into Scripture, utilizing the arts, and partaking in the community of faith, we are living into the calling of The Church, 'You are the light of the world, a city on the hill cannot be hidden'. Matthew 5:14

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Worship 9am

Sunday School 10am
 Following Worship 

Session Leaders: Jack Atkinson, Jane Cason, Benjamin Williams, Melissa Campbell, and Edwin Riley

Deacon Leaders: Roslyn Campbell, Gene Cason, Betty Patterson, Judy Williams, Patricia Hood, and Maribeth Werts.

Organists: Sally Chester & Keith Lester

Treasurer and Financial Team Leader: Jack Atkinson (T) and Benjamin Williams